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What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed :

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

HOW TO: use it - remover

As you can see in this blog page have many software's & applications. So today I will teach when to use it, how to use it, and how it's work.

Bw-Beta is a brontok remover. How ever this remover in beta version but don't worry it's working fine. Besides that, this software will fix couples of registry entry and it very useful even your pc don't have brontok effected.

Just download the Bw-Beta and compress it (password: then run it, very simple.

Have you see virus name Flash.10.exe ? Download Flash10.exe remover and run the program, restart your computer. Simple isn't it?

GData actually antivirus portable, but sometimes I use it for certain purpose.

Some people's claim that Geek - Autorun.inf remover very helpful if computer effected by virus autorun.inf but I never try it coz always using manual to remove it LOL.

OgAV-Beta also portable antivirus but not very helpful. How ever I still use it when I think it's not waste my time to try.

Portable Antivirus is a function as it name. No need to install in computer but I try couple of times in safemode but it's not working. Very useful and helpful and this is my fav application.

Having problem with task manager? Folder option gone? Run also gone? Don't waste your time just download RegWash and click on it. Take less than 5 second to fix it. How's that ? cool aight ?

Remover for virus heap41a made by myself. I'm sick with my pc everyday effected with this virus which not allow your from using firefox. There is a couple of steps before you can use it and it's working. Make your life simple LOL.

Having problem with spyware? melware? trojan? use Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.6 it's powerful and I try many software's before but only this still using. How ever you can see in "startup" if virus blocking you from access startup list from this software.

NOTE: all software's, applications & remover using same password (password:

1 comment:

khairul said...

bro...kalau ComboFix xtermasuk dalam remover ke??

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