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What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed :

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

HOW TO: Configure Modem/Router

If you using broadband, you have 2 choices: using normal modem or using modem + router. If you using modem+router, you can setup your user name & password inside the modem. No need to double click icon each time want connect to the internet.

Before start, please refer manual book (modem). Inside the manual book have special IP address to login web management which we c an setup from there. Example my IP address to login web management is and most of modem using this ip but there is another ip address too depend on brand.

Open Internet Explore.
Type IP address at address bar press enter

Login page will come out if you type the correct IP address.
Type your username & password. In this case please refer manual book because from manual book we know what default username & password is.

On this page will appear if you already set it before. It show some information about your connection.

In here you can setup your username & password.
Once you set it up, save changes and it will auto connect in future.

NOTE: If your account is in username don't put .com just only recnal@streamyx other wise you can't connect to the internet

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