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What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed :

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tutorial: Copy File From Dos

First of all, I'm sorry I never know too many peoples want to know about this tutorial. I thought you all know about this. Ok forget about it, so let we start this tutorial how to copy any files from any source to anywhere. Ok we start with open the command.

Start > Run > cmd (enter)
Then this will appear on your screen. Type this 1st command:

CD\ (enter)
see picture above

Create new folder using dos command (optional). Others wise you can transfer your file to root directory.
MD MY-FOLDER (enter)

As you can see picture above, new folder was created. See that? "MY-FOLDER" in directory C:\

Let say we want transfer file from cd-rom to hard disc drive & my cd-rom drive is G:\
key in:

G: (enter)
DIR/W (enter)

Let say I want copy file from folder "software".
Key in this command:

DIR/W (enter)

as picture above

From folder "SOFTWARE" have sub-folder call "Acrobat".
Key in this command:

CD ACROBAT (enter)

As picture above, In folder SOFTWARE\ACROBAT\
have 2 files ar500cht.exe & ar500enu.exe

If you want copy a specific file, use this command:

COPY <> <> (enter)

COPY ar500cht.exe C:\MY-FOLDER (enter)

Else if you want copy both file (same type), use this command:

COPY <> <> (enter)

COPY *. EXE C:\MY-FOLDER (enter)

Now you can check your file in your directory by using this command (let say we still in G:\ directory)

C:\ (enter)
CD MY-FOLDER (enter)
DIR/W (enter)

see that? 2 files has copied now in your folder

If you a beginner in dos, it's very hard to understand. Before this I'm in your place learn dos command when I was 13 years old. Yeah it's hard to understand unless you have someone to ask why? when? what?

Short Note (command):
  • CD\
  • DIR/W
  • G:
  • DIR/W
  • DIR/W
  • DIR/W

  • - COPY ar500enu.exe C:\MY-FOLDER
(copy specific file or copy all file with same type)

  • C:
  • DIR/W

  • DIR = Directory
  • W = Wide
  • MD = Make directory
  • CD = Change directory

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