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What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed

What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed :

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

HOW TO: Connect HDD

Normal computer will used only 1 hdd. Actually computer can used more than 1 hdd and some others can use 4 hdd or 6 hdd depend on motherboard. But how to use more than 1? 1st hdd which have operating system have not enough capacity.

1. Firstly make sure 1st hdd set as a Master (jumper) and connect with IDE cable with primary connection. 1st IDE cable will connect with motherboard on IDE1 socket.

2. After that 2nd hdd set as Slave (jumper) and connect with IDE cable with secondary connection. This connection using same IDE cable with the 1st hdd.

Refer jumper setting diagram on top of HDD

Jumper setting

if you try connect with 3rd hdd, follow this step

3. Set 3rd hdd as a Master (jumper) and connect with 2nd IDE cable with primary connection. 2nd IDE cable will connect with motherboard on IDE2 soket.

IDE1 & IDE2 connector on motherboard

IDE cable with 2 connector

if you try connect with 4th hdd, follow this step

4. Set your 4th hdd as a Slave (jumper) and connect with 2nd IDE cable with secondary connection.

If you try connect with 5th & 6th hdd using SATA connection, follow this step

5. Just plug in power cable and data cable with SATA hdd and connect with motherboard

Make sure your 1st boot will read from 1st hdd. This is because only 1st hdd have operating system. You can change boot order in BIOS.

tips: use same way to connect more than 1 cdrom drive or using multiply rom drive like cdrom, dvdrom or burner.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

HOW TO BUY: Speaker

There have a couple of tips you should know before you buy a speaker. Let say you try to find a new speakers. Before you go to any shops, please check your computer first. Check you sound card. What type or brand doesn't matter, what you need to know is, your sound card support 2.1, 5.1 or 7.1 channel.

How to know that? It's simple, open your motherboard manual book. Example This is mine.

As you can see, my sound card support 5.1 channel. If you really want quality of sound, please buy speaker support 5.1 channel. Don't buy 7.1 channel but you can buy less that 5.1 channel. Example mine is 5.1 channel but I use speaker 2.1 channel. No problem at all.

2.1 channel speaker means 1 woofer speaker and 2 satellite speakers. After that check output speaker. Some speaker have more than 1000watt output. What you need to know is about watt. Actually 200watt RMS is better than 2000watt PMPO. This is because 1watt RMS equal to 20watt PMPO. That means 200watt RMS equal to 4000watt PMPO. Imagine that sound will come out hehe. For more quality, make sure woofer made from solid wood.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

HOW TO: Clean up cooler (Notebook)

Have you service your notebook? Not for software but service for hardware. Normally the answer is NO!. Ok I will give tips how to clean up your notebook from dust. Before this I gave step by step for desktop pc. Before that why we need to clean up our notebook? The answer is:

1. less heat
2. long life
3. it's not cheap lol

When we need to service our notebook?

1. after warranty period expired
2. your notebook always shutdown suddenly / automatically
3. you can feel the heat very high

Open the back cover and you will see the fan and heatsink

Take out the heatsink. Normally for notebook fan and heatsink is separately

Wash the heatsink with water and after that dry it up.

Clean up top of cpu and put thermal paste on top.
Clean the fan with brush and put back the cover.

p/s: It's will different with others model but still can use same step

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