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What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed :

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

HOW TO: Increase Internet Speed

Everybody want net connection in full speed. But no body will get it. Some peoples claim that if you want boost your internet connection, you need special software. For me it's only 5% or less different after use it. This new hobby for internet surfer start since 1999 when I saw my friends try and try until he can get more speed for connection. Result? disappointed LOL.

Even me, I tried it before but useless. How ever I study about it and asked people who expert (very² expert) in networking & internet connection. You can check by yourself your own internet connection and do something about it and enjoy your increase internet connections. Just follow this step.

1. Phone Line
- Make sure your phone line in very good condition. Some case having problem with connection just because phone line problem. Example, always disconnection, cannot connect to the internet and internet connection very slow. This problem you can't fix it by yourself. Please contact phone provider to check and fix it.

2. Cable Distance
- I assume we all using modem with router for broadband connection. How long cable from modem to your pc or hub? For best result, you need less than 1 meter distance from modem to pc or hub. With this, we have less lost data in cable because each copper cable have value for lost data (straightness).

3. Server
- If you have more than 1 pc sharing 1 internet connection, don't set as a server and others pc sharing from it. Example:

[modem] --> [server] --> [client]
[modem] --> [server] --> [hub] --> [client]

In this case if server down, all client can't get internet connection. Server (PC) will have high priority for internet connection. That's mean if server download something from internet, all client pc's will lagging or in others word client get slow connection.

So for best result, use this connection:

[modem] --> [hub/switch] --> [client]

Switch will manage for data transfer. All pc's will have same speed connection for internet. If 1 pc down, others still can get internet connection. So if you have cyber cafe, please double check & confirm which one you use.

4. Other issues
- Using 1mbps internet speed connection but get more than 1mbps. Why and how this happen? As you know for internet connection have exchange & center. If your location far far away from exchange & center, you will have less speed. This is because of distance. For me, I have 1mbps internet speed but I get 1.5mbps. Why? because my location near the exchange & center. I can say my location less than 1km from it. So thats why I can get more speed.

tips: If you always go to cyber cafe, use pc which near the hub or switch. This is because you will have less lost data because of distance, unless the owner cyber cafe know nothing about it and have long long cable for each pc's hehehe

Test your Internet connection speed at
Test you internet connection


msyafiq said...

kalau wayar telefon yg connected dri modem ke phone line yg panjang, ade pape efek ke..??

LaNceR said...

takder efek setakat yg sudah diuji
tapi make sure pin nya ok semua ok termasuk wayar nya sekali
tapi ada kes yg pakai terlalu panjang line slow pun ada, ada kes ok je

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