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What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed :

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

HOW TO: tune up pc - WinXP

All PC's need service when we used it for a long time, install & uninstall, copy & delete. Why need service? To make sure our PC's in good condition and run smooth. When we need service? If you feel that you PC's run slower than before or take too much time to boot or you never service.

This is tutorial how to tune up back our PC in WinXP. This is basic skill and no need too much application to used. First of all, run your PC in safe mode then follow this step;

1. Clear internet file, temp file, cookies and so on.
2. Restart PC and uninstall any programs that you not used.
3. Start > Run > msconfig - check in start up list which can disable then disable it
4. Scan you PC using Regcure. It's will clean up your registry. (RegCure Portable - Download Now)
5. Restart your PC and scan using Regcure again.
6. Goto my computer and right click at your partition & select properties. Click on Tools then click on "check now" button. You will see 2 check box, check the both box.

NOTE: In C:\ system will scan your partition after restart

7. Repeat step no.6 to all partitions.
8. Turn off your screen saver and run "Disk Defragmenter"

Now you have your speed like before. Enjoy ~!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Download Speed

Some of us having problem with download speed and not sure what happen. There have several reasons why speed connection very slow or lagging. But you need to know why this happen. As we know many country using copper wire as a material but some others country using fiber optical which less resistant and internet connection very fast.

Speed connection depends on many factors such as:

1. Platform
- Different speed of download using torrent in platform windows and platform linux is very big. I got this information from my best friends and he had try using two different type of operating system. The result is:

Windows platform: download speed not very good
Linux platform: download speed better than windows

But I'm not sure how big the different is but I will check with him later.

UPDATE: according to my friends, if using torrent & using windows platform average speed around 5kbps to 10kbps but if using linux platform average speed around 100kbps to 150kbps. It's look likes almost 100% more fasters speed download if using linux platform

2. Application
- So many downloader applications nowdays but I prefer using IDM. I tried it by myself and
IDM claim that IDM application 5X more faster with any applications. Yeah thats true.....

3. Package
- Need more speed? Don't use below than 1mb speed. If you using 512kb, so you know why your internet line slow and you know your mistake.

4. ISP
- Some of Internet Service Provider is very slow even you used 1mb or 2mb internet connection. So please survey before you subscribe with any ISP's.

5. Server source
- Some server source set a limited speed to a free user and more faster to paid user. So if you want faster than before, pay the price and enjoy with the speed. But depend on server, some server very high speed download for free user. So don't asume all servers are same spec and same setting.

6. Download time
- You need more speed download connection? Download anythings you want at night till morning. Internet traffic is really good that time. You need to know what peak time of internet connection. Normally start from 8AM until 6PM internet traffic very poor. So don't download that time.

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