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What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed

What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed :

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

DIY: Format Desktop or Laptop

There have a few steps to do before you can start format your own pc.

1. Back up your important file's or documents
- Transfer all your files in others partitions, pendrive, CD or DVD or anywhere else's

2. Back up your driver

i - Download 'Driver Genius Professional Edition', it's portable. (click here) Password:
ii - Run the application and click on 'Backup Drivers' (see below)

iii - After a few moments, thick on the 'Current used drivers' box. (see below)

iv - Choose backup type (use default) & your location to save. (see below)

v - Transfer the driver files in save place (pendrive or something)

Now you are ready to start format your system. We go next step....

3. Boot from cd / DVD
Put Cd Windows XP in CD tray & restart your computer. In this step, system will boot from cd. Make sure you change the boot order from BIOS first or else some others system can change the boot order from just press 'F - key'. It's depand

4. Don't select repair while this process.

5. Press F8 on this step. (see below)

6. Create partition
- If your hdd have partition already, make sure you format partition C:\ only (system) or else you will lost all backup data which you transfer early.
- Press 'C' to create partitions & enter any amount you want to. Better more than 20GB for partitions C:\ (system). (see below)

(this picture for example)

- After finish create partition, format the partition. On this step, select NTFS & quick format

7. After that just follow instruction on screen.

8. After finish install windows, install all hardware driver using backup driver you did early.
- Goto desktop
- Right click on 'my computer' & select 'properties', click on 'hardware' tab and then 'hardware device'.
- You will see many hardware not install yet. How do you know? Can you see the yellow mark on it? that's mean the device not install yet.
- Right click on it, example 'VGA Display' and select update driver. Browse the files driver where you keep in save early.
- Do it again with others device until you see there is no more hardware not install yet.

9. Test hardware
After finish test all your hardware such as, display, audio, network or wireless, webcam an so on.

10. Install software
Install all software you need in your computer such as Quicktime, antivirus, winamp an so on
(click here to download)

Ok now you done do it yourself and save money ehehehehe


Anonymous said...

yang nak boot gune cd tuh..
mne nak dpt cd xp??

LaNceR said...

boot guna cd camner? dah ada tulis dalam blog tu. masukkan cd dan on jer, itu kalau 1st boot dari cd kalau tak ko tukar la dulu dia boot dari cd.

ayak mana nak dapat ka ?? adoi

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