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What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed :

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tutorial: Copy File From Dos

First of all, I'm sorry I never know too many peoples want to know about this tutorial. I thought you all know about this. Ok forget about it, so let we start this tutorial how to copy any files from any source to anywhere. Ok we start with open the command.

Start > Run > cmd (enter)
Then this will appear on your screen. Type this 1st command:

CD\ (enter)
see picture above

Create new folder using dos command (optional). Others wise you can transfer your file to root directory.
MD MY-FOLDER (enter)

As you can see picture above, new folder was created. See that? "MY-FOLDER" in directory C:\

Let say we want transfer file from cd-rom to hard disc drive & my cd-rom drive is G:\
key in:

G: (enter)
DIR/W (enter)

Let say I want copy file from folder "software".
Key in this command:

DIR/W (enter)

as picture above

From folder "SOFTWARE" have sub-folder call "Acrobat".
Key in this command:

CD ACROBAT (enter)

As picture above, In folder SOFTWARE\ACROBAT\
have 2 files ar500cht.exe & ar500enu.exe

If you want copy a specific file, use this command:

COPY <> <> (enter)

COPY ar500cht.exe C:\MY-FOLDER (enter)

Else if you want copy both file (same type), use this command:

COPY <> <> (enter)

COPY *. EXE C:\MY-FOLDER (enter)

Now you can check your file in your directory by using this command (let say we still in G:\ directory)

C:\ (enter)
CD MY-FOLDER (enter)
DIR/W (enter)

see that? 2 files has copied now in your folder

If you a beginner in dos, it's very hard to understand. Before this I'm in your place learn dos command when I was 13 years old. Yeah it's hard to understand unless you have someone to ask why? when? what?

Short Note (command):
  • CD\
  • DIR/W
  • G:
  • DIR/W
  • DIR/W
  • DIR/W

  • - COPY ar500enu.exe C:\MY-FOLDER
(copy specific file or copy all file with same type)

  • C:
  • DIR/W

  • DIR = Directory
  • W = Wide
  • MD = Make directory
  • CD = Change directory

HOW TO: Configure Modem/Router

If you using broadband, you have 2 choices: using normal modem or using modem + router. If you using modem+router, you can setup your user name & password inside the modem. No need to double click icon each time want connect to the internet.

Before start, please refer manual book (modem). Inside the manual book have special IP address to login web management which we c an setup from there. Example my IP address to login web management is and most of modem using this ip but there is another ip address too depend on brand.

Open Internet Explore.
Type IP address at address bar press enter

Login page will come out if you type the correct IP address.
Type your username & password. In this case please refer manual book because from manual book we know what default username & password is.

On this page will appear if you already set it before. It show some information about your connection.

In here you can setup your username & password.
Once you set it up, save changes and it will auto connect in future.

NOTE: If your account is in username don't put .com just only recnal@streamyx other wise you can't connect to the internet

Friday, August 22, 2008


This is how to burn iso file using Nero. It's very simple actually.

Browser your iso file.
Example NFS Carbon 4.1gb so I need 1 DVD to copy.

Double click the file.

Nero application will run automatically.
Put DVD on tray an click on button Burn to start the process.

Simple aight?


Ultra ISO software is very powerful & useful. Now I teach how to using Ultra ISO to copy into a cd or dvd with iso format.

Click on NO.1 (see picture)

Select your CD/DVD size & click ok

Browser your ISO file & double click the file

Should be like this (see picture above).
All file in iso format will appear as like in cd/dvd rom.
Then click burn to the next step (see arrow).

Put CD/DVD in drive & click button Burn

Now Process begin, wait until finish.
If iso file have bootable format, just follow this step.
CD/DVD will bootable it's self.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

HOW TO: Increase Internet Speed

Everybody want net connection in full speed. But no body will get it. Some peoples claim that if you want boost your internet connection, you need special software. For me it's only 5% or less different after use it. This new hobby for internet surfer start since 1999 when I saw my friends try and try until he can get more speed for connection. Result? disappointed LOL.

Even me, I tried it before but useless. How ever I study about it and asked people who expert (very² expert) in networking & internet connection. You can check by yourself your own internet connection and do something about it and enjoy your increase internet connections. Just follow this step.

1. Phone Line
- Make sure your phone line in very good condition. Some case having problem with connection just because phone line problem. Example, always disconnection, cannot connect to the internet and internet connection very slow. This problem you can't fix it by yourself. Please contact phone provider to check and fix it.

2. Cable Distance
- I assume we all using modem with router for broadband connection. How long cable from modem to your pc or hub? For best result, you need less than 1 meter distance from modem to pc or hub. With this, we have less lost data in cable because each copper cable have value for lost data (straightness).

3. Server
- If you have more than 1 pc sharing 1 internet connection, don't set as a server and others pc sharing from it. Example:

[modem] --> [server] --> [client]
[modem] --> [server] --> [hub] --> [client]

In this case if server down, all client can't get internet connection. Server (PC) will have high priority for internet connection. That's mean if server download something from internet, all client pc's will lagging or in others word client get slow connection.

So for best result, use this connection:

[modem] --> [hub/switch] --> [client]

Switch will manage for data transfer. All pc's will have same speed connection for internet. If 1 pc down, others still can get internet connection. So if you have cyber cafe, please double check & confirm which one you use.

4. Other issues
- Using 1mbps internet speed connection but get more than 1mbps. Why and how this happen? As you know for internet connection have exchange & center. If your location far far away from exchange & center, you will have less speed. This is because of distance. For me, I have 1mbps internet speed but I get 1.5mbps. Why? because my location near the exchange & center. I can say my location less than 1km from it. So thats why I can get more speed.

tips: If you always go to cyber cafe, use pc which near the hub or switch. This is because you will have less lost data because of distance, unless the owner cyber cafe know nothing about it and have long long cable for each pc's hehehe

Test your Internet connection speed at
Test you internet connection

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

HOW TO: use it - remover

As you can see in this blog page have many software's & applications. So today I will teach when to use it, how to use it, and how it's work.

Bw-Beta is a brontok remover. How ever this remover in beta version but don't worry it's working fine. Besides that, this software will fix couples of registry entry and it very useful even your pc don't have brontok effected.

Just download the Bw-Beta and compress it (password: then run it, very simple.

Have you see virus name Flash.10.exe ? Download Flash10.exe remover and run the program, restart your computer. Simple isn't it?

GData actually antivirus portable, but sometimes I use it for certain purpose.

Some people's claim that Geek - Autorun.inf remover very helpful if computer effected by virus autorun.inf but I never try it coz always using manual to remove it LOL.

OgAV-Beta also portable antivirus but not very helpful. How ever I still use it when I think it's not waste my time to try.

Portable Antivirus is a function as it name. No need to install in computer but I try couple of times in safemode but it's not working. Very useful and helpful and this is my fav application.

Having problem with task manager? Folder option gone? Run also gone? Don't waste your time just download RegWash and click on it. Take less than 5 second to fix it. How's that ? cool aight ?

Remover for virus heap41a made by myself. I'm sick with my pc everyday effected with this virus which not allow your from using firefox. There is a couple of steps before you can use it and it's working. Make your life simple LOL.

Having problem with spyware? melware? trojan? use Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.6 it's powerful and I try many software's before but only this still using. How ever you can see in "startup" if virus blocking you from access startup list from this software.

NOTE: all software's, applications & remover using same password (password:

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