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What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed :

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Troubleshoot: NTLDR missing

When you start your computer you will see this msg come out on the screen

NTLDR missing

What is NTLDR ? NTLDR stand for NT Loader and it is the boot loader for all release of Microsoft Windows NT Operating System. So how to fix this problem?? Very simple

1. Boot your computer using cd XP

2. Select "Repair Console" by pressing "R"

3. Press "1" and insert password (or just press ENTER)

Let's say your CDROM Drive in your computer is drive E:

4. Copy "" & "ntldr" to your primary partition (normally it is C:\ ) type this command:

copy e:\i386\ntldr c:\

after that type this command

copy e:\i386\ c:\

5. Take out your cd from cd tray and restart your computer.


The Blind Sight said... ni banyak membantu haku...

zuar said...

bro lancer..smlm ada satu laptop jadi mcm ni..dh try cara ni..xleh pun..nape ye?

LaNceR said...

banyak faktor kenapa tak menjadi. antara faktor nya, system dah kena virus. make sure ikut step by step. cuba semak semula adakah sudah ikut langkah seperti yg dinyatakan dalam blog.

kilatplaka said...

bro...klu pci.sys missing mcm ner???

LaNceR said...

still leh masuk windows ker? kalau still boleh ko replace je file tu dari pc lain

Anonymous said...

x leh la bro
sye dh bnyk kali buat
ikut step by step

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