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What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed

What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed :

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

How To: Fix & Remove Shortcut Virus

The situation simple like this; when you plug in your pendrive, all your files & folder gone. Nothing more just shortcut you can see. It's simple how to fix this problem.

1. Show hidden files
please refer this link

2. Plug in your pendrive or external HDD or what ever device effected by the virus.

3. Scan the device with any Antivirus updated & remove the virus

4. Goto My computer, right click the device. Example my pendrive locate in drive E:\
so right click the drive E:\ and select explorer

5. Delete manually the virus if virus still in there. This step need little experiences to know which one.

6. Open command prompt (CMD), or hold windows key and letter 'R'. type 'cmd' and enter.

7. Type this command --> CD \

8. Change directory with this command (example my pendrive is driver E:\) --> E:

9. Delete all shortcut with this command --> DEL *.lnk

10. Change attributes for all files & folders --> ATTRIB -A -S -R -H /S /D

Now your done..... simple aight? >>:)

p/s: make sure before step No.10, you're in correct drive. If you try to fix drive E:\ , you in drive E:\. If you in drive C:\ you will know what happen, big mistake. my advice just follow step by step my tutorial

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