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What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed :

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tutorial: Fix Error(s) on HDD

There have 2 different ways to fix errors on hdd. From windows or from MS-DOS command prompt. Sometimes we can just using it from windows but sometimes need from dos.

How to fix error on harddisk drive from windows:

1. Click My Computer
2. Right click on partition you want scanned
3. Select Properties

(see picture below)

4. Click Tools > check now
5. Thick 2 boxes and click start button

(see pictures below)

- Do it same as step no.1 to no.5 for different partitions
- If C:\ system will restart and starting scanned. System will not scan in windows mode

Remember, we cannot always depend on windows only, some cases need scan from DOS. So this is the step by step how to do it.

Before we start, make sure your computer first boot is from cd-rom drive. Otherwise change it first and after that follow step bellow:

1. Insert cd windows xp in cd tray
2. Start computer and boot it (from cd-rom)
3. Press "R" for repair and press "1" (normally) and hit enter for password. If you have password, please key in, if not just hit enter.
4. At Prompt type this command


(see picture below)

please using CHKDSK /P /R for repair errors otherwise system just scan not fix the problem completely

Step for change directory before scanned: (pic above)

Result after scanned at D:\

Ok, you should try this if your computer not working normal or cannot logon windows or always restart after logon windows. Anyway, this step good for maintenance too. I did this if I do maintenance on my computer (scan from windows). If your problem cannot logon windows, follow this step and type this command after scanning complete FIXBOOT C: and press enter.

p/s: For windows XP. not working on Win95/Win98/WinME

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