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What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed

What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed :

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Virus: Antivirus 2009

Name: Antivirus 2008 or Antivirus 2009

Category: Fake Alert

Icon tray will place in taskbar as picture above

Some Antivirus did not detect anythings, so I try scan using AVG 8.0 FREE and detected 4 viruses on system.

You will see this error message (fake error) if your pc effected by this virus. For the first time I been hit by this virus, it's make me scared but after for a while I realize it's fake. Can you see above picture? read carefully. How to know it's fake or not? Press windows button on keyboard and you will see what happen.

This message will appear after that. Look carefully

In windows this message will pop up

How to remove:
1. install AVG free
2. update
3. scan your system in safemode

Actually you can delete this virus manually. If you try to remove this virus from 'add / remove program' it's doesn't work.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

HOW TO: Setup Database

Ok, this is the way how to set up database in server. If in your server have database already and you try to create a new one, please back up your database or do 'full backup' for security reason.

Login as admin on your website. Normally if your url just put /cpanel behind the url. Example:

Put your username & password to login as admin or owner of hosting. When we buy a hosting, provider will give you a username & password. If forgot, please refer your server provider for help.

You are now in admin mode (cpanel). Click on "MySQL Database" icon.

1. Create new database: Put database name after that click on "create database" button.
2. Create user: Put your username & password, click on "create user" button.
3. Add user to database: Select user you created new before & new database you just created. Click on "add user to database" button.

picture 1

Picture 2

After finish, your new database & username will show as picture above.

Goto PhpMyAdmin and you will see your new database ready to use.

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