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What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed :

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

HOW TO: Against Virus From Pendrive

As we know, virus can effected from pendrive. Most of us having this problem and afraid to plug in pendrive to desktop or laptop. However, my desktop pc plug in more than 4 or 5 pendrive every days with the different owner but my pc never effected from any pendrives. Once we click on pendrive, virus will transfer to another systems.

So how I do that? Follow this step by step:

1. Plug in pendrive in USB port, this pop up will come out (see below) & click on "Cancel". But some system this popup not show up. Just ignore it and goto "My Computer"

2. Right click on pendrive and select "Explore". (See below)

That it very simple. If you see "Autoplay", may be in the pendrive have a autorun.inf virus which will effected when you double click on pendrive.


Frostman said...

Using "explorer" function to open infected pendrive is no longer safe anymore, from my experience encountering viruses, lots of them have included "explorer" as one of the trigger in the autorun.inf to activate the virus, The most safest ways for now to open infected pendrive would be using the address bar at the top of the windows...

LaNceR said...

yeah i agree that sometimes i did the same way u told. 2nd version for autorun.inf effected when we select explore to open, but i assume we still have old version virus until the new 1 replace the old 1 >>:)

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