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What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed :

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Streamyx Connection

Package Download

Streamyx 384kbps 384kbps 128kbps

Streamyx 512kbps 512kbps 256kbps
Streamyx 1.0Mbps 1.0Mbps 384kbps
Streamyx 2.0Mbps 2.0Mbps 384kbps

Streamyx 4.0Mbps 4.0Mbps 512kbps

Having problem with connection? Many user don't know about connection and easy to blame ISP. But sometimes it's right, ISP problem but most of us don't know how to do it even don't know about it.

I will tell what should you know about internet connection. Example, my connection is 1.0mb download / 512kbps upload. Once I connect, I will check my connection. I'm using modem router which have web management features. How to do that?

1. Open IE & type modem IP. In this case, my modem IP is

2. login to web management (using username & password)

3. Connect the line

4. See the connection speed

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Why need check connection speed? Ok I give 2 situation

Situation 1
Still remember my connection? 1.0mb/512kbps right? If connection show 1.0mb donwload & 128kbps upload. My internet connection is very slow.

Situation 2
My connection show 1.0mb download & 512kbps upload. That time I have good connection

So how to fix this problem if your connection should be 1.0mbps download & 512kbps upload but you have 1.0mbps / 128kbps? Just restart your modem. In this case my Aztech modem router have button in web management to restart. it's take about 30 seconds or more to restart and after that see is it 1.0mb / 512kb or still 1.0mb / 128kbps ? If still 128kbps, please do it again (restart). It's simple

Imagine that 1 building with 2 door. 1st door goto inside (download) & 2nd door goto outside (upload). The building can park 1000 a cars at 1 time. If the building can have 1000 cars and 512 cars go outside, the building can have more space for a new cars come to park inside the building. But if only 128 cars go outside, we will have traffic jam with cars try to go inside. Something like that


Koop Elektromat UTM said...

em nice info about speed connection.

but how we can know our IP address ?

which one?

server IP address or clients IP address?

LaNceR said...

Q: but how we can know our IP address ?

A: very simple, goto and u will see ur own IP.

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