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What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed

What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed :

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

How To: Format USB Devices to NTFS

Normally our pendrive or any USB devices in FAT (file allocation table) file system, FAT16 or FAT32. NTFS (New Technology File System) is better than FAT. For more info about that, feel free to read here.

Ok now how to convert from FAT to NTFS ? This is the tutorial about how we do it. Let we start with plug in your pendrive or any USB devices with your computer. Then follow the instructions below.

1. Right click on your My Computer icon at desktop
2. Select Properties > Hardware > Device Manager
3. Select Disk drives & select your USB devices
4. Right click & select Properties (see pic below)

Device Manager

5. Policies > Optimize for Performance > OK (see pic below)

Device Properties

6. Open My Computer
7. Right click your USB devices & select Format (see pic below)

Format USB Devices

8. Format your USB devices & change file system to NTFS (see pic below)

Done, now you can make your USB devices bootable which requires NTFS Format.

Friday, December 4, 2009

How To: Make Pendrive as a RAM

This steps good for who has slow PC running Windows XP. For good performance Win XP need 256mb of RAM or more. So if you have less than 256mb, better try this. This is step by step how to make pendrive as a RAM.

1. Plug in empty pendrive
2. Let the PC do what ever its want to do
3. After finish, right click on My Computer
4. Goto Properties > Advanced > Performance Settings
5. Advanced > Change
6. Select your pendrive & click on Custom Size
7. Enter the same amount in the Initial and the Max columns

Now you just used the space of the PenDrive as a Virtual Memory for your computer. I suggest you to used 1GB pendrive or 2GB pendrive or more big size in step 1. Good luck >>:)

p/s: for the best result, please used hi-speed rate transfer pendrive.

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