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What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed

What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed :

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

DIY: Network Cable - RJ45

Before we start, several tools must have near you.

1. Cable network
2. Crimping tool
3. Cutter
4. Network tester
5. RJ45

Make sure how long you need for the cable. Example if the distance is 10 meters, cut the network cable to 11 meters. We need more because if you make mistake we can do it again with same cable.

Cut & remove cover of network cable. Remove it around 2cm

As you can see, my crimping tool have cutter on it. Cut it off

After remove, it's will look like this


Make cable look like this (see the picture)

As picture show, some is short and some is not

Cut the edge of cable and make it same.

This is the result

Manage the all color cable same as note above. Don't make mistake in this stage

Put in RJ45 soket after you make sure it's manage as diagram above

1 small slot for 1 small cable only, so please careful on this step

Put it into crimping tool and crimp it harder.

See picture above

After finish both side, put it in tester

The other side also put it in tester

Switch on the tester.
If the green lights on from number 1 to 7, thats mean successful.
If the lights on looping number or others number light is not come out,
thats mean you make mistake

If lights not on from 1 to 7, identify which side have problem and then cut it off
and repeat step2 until it's working properly


piezie8 said...

thx bro.. aku dlu cr xda pon dalam blog ko.. ni br post yer????? huhu..

LaNceR said...

a ah baru post
sebelum ni aku sangka menda ni aku dah post dah semalam aku dok carik tak jumpa 4 5 kali try carik
kompom aku belom buat rupanya hehe

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