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What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed :

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

HOW TO: Upload file to hosting - FireFox

After finish you design your website using any application such as Dreamweaver or else, this is step by step how to upload all files to web hosting. But this is not for FREE WEB HOSTING uploading.

If your Mozilla Firefox doesn't have Fire FTP, follow this step. Else skip this step.
Open Mozilla Firefox
Click on Tools > Add-Ons

Click on Get Extantions

Type FireFTP on search & hit enter

Download & install Fire FTP

After Finish installation, click on
Tools > FireFTP

For the first time, set up your new account, click on
Manage Accounts & select New

Type your Account Name, Host, Login & Password
Example if your url is, put "" in Host.
After finish click ok & click Connect button to start connection to your host.

After hit connect button, if you see right side of your browse appear as picture above, thats mean you now connected with host server.

Now you can transfer all your website files to your hosting. But remember, copy all your files in "www" folder and make sure your mainpage file named index.html or index.htm so when user type your url will directly goto index.html file (

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