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What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed :

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

HOW TO: Setup Database

Ok, this is the way how to set up database in server. If in your server have database already and you try to create a new one, please back up your database or do 'full backup' for security reason.

Login as admin on your website. Normally if your url just put /cpanel behind the url. Example:

Put your username & password to login as admin or owner of hosting. When we buy a hosting, provider will give you a username & password. If forgot, please refer your server provider for help.

You are now in admin mode (cpanel). Click on "MySQL Database" icon.

1. Create new database: Put database name after that click on "create database" button.
2. Create user: Put your username & password, click on "create user" button.
3. Add user to database: Select user you created new before & new database you just created. Click on "add user to database" button.

picture 1

Picture 2

After finish, your new database & username will show as picture above.

Goto PhpMyAdmin and you will see your new database ready to use.

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Anonymous said...

sampai skg sy still mencube utk wt tutorial yg bro ajarkn nie..
walaupun x jadi banyak kali,sy tetap cube..
mcm2 cara dh sy jmp..
xpe2,sy cube lg,then klu bleh,sy btau ye..

LaNceR said...

main dengan database memang ko akan fenin
tapi lama² ok la

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