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What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed :

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How To: Run Safe Mode

What is safe mode?

Refer to Wikipedia, safe mode refers to diagnostic mode used by a computer operating system which refer to a mode of operation by application software. When we run in safe mode, system will reduced functionality (many non-core components disabled).

In safe mode also, common virus or spyware will not active or fully functioning (or not function at all). So to solve any problems better in safe mode. Have you having problem with a virus or spyware cannot remove after scanned? Try in safe mode you will find the situation will changed.

What will happen in safe mode?

- display will set to lowest bit which you will find your wallpaper will turn to ugly view
- no sound
- no network connection
- no internet connection
- antivirus not running
- many more

So don't panic with what will happen.

How to run safe mode?

It's simple actually, when we turn on a computer, beep sound will come and system will running POST (Power On Self Test). On that time press F8 key on keyboard, then select safe mode (selection number 1) and press enter twice. When your system login to windows, dialog box will come out, just press spacebar. Now you in safe mode.

p/s: Try press F5, no selection menu just direct to safe mode >>:)


Anonymous said...

hai how to use safe mode for pentium 3 (old bios)

LaNceR said...

it's doesnt matter what type cpu u used, still the same way. if u using win95, win98, winme, still same way.

i've tried with Pentium2, pentium3 or better, from win95 to winxp, still the same way

Anonymous said...

why my laptop cant run safe mode?

LaNceR said...

download 'Portable Autorun Virus Remover' from here

and click on FixSystem and u will see 'Repairing entering safe mode'

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