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What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed :

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How To: Tune Low Spec PC in WinXP

The situation is like this; you have old pc with low or very low spec but running windows XP. The problem is your pc running very slow. So how to solve this problem? After I read from others website and try my luck, there is a couple of ways to tune up pc with low spec.

Step 1
Use "Windows Classic Style"

On desktop > right click > properties > Appearance

Select Windows Classic Style on Windows and button. Your computer will using low memory
after that.

Step 2
Change Performance

On desktop > right click on my computer > Select Properties > Click Advance tab

in performance area click on setting and then click on "Adjust for best performance". Using low memory can boost your computer performance.

Step 3
Using plain wallpaper

Change your wallpaper with no picture, mean choose "none" for your wallpaper. Less using memory for desktop wallpaper can make your pc have more memory for other purpose.

Step 4
Change startup setting in msconfig

Start button > Run > type "msconfig" than enter

Click "Startup" tab and disable any programs that you think not very important running in startup.

Step 5
Change service setting in msconfig

Start button > Run > type "msconfig" than enter

Click "Services" tab and disable

- Indexing service = Indexing service creates a database index of all files on your system when the system is otherwise idle. Unless you do frequent searches, it is suggested you disable this service.

- Help & support

- IMAPI CD-Burning COM service = You can disable this service if your computer have no cd-burner

- Task Schedule = Disable this if there is nothing used it

- Windows Firewall / Internet Connecting Sharing (ICS) = If you like me, not like using firewall in WinXP, you can disable this service

Step 6
Disable "Autoupdate"

Control panel > Administrative Tools > Services

Double click on "Automatic Updates", click stop button, and select disable in "startup type"

Step 7
Delete "Prefetch File"

Goto \Windows\Prefetch and delete all files in the folder prefetch

After all step's, please restart your pc. For the step number 7, please do not doing it repeatly always. It's ok doing it every 3 months. Uninstall program that you think never used it, defragment you hdd for better performance and using antivirus that less using memory.

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