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What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed :

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

HOW TO BUY: Notebook

Notebook is very important for everyone specially student. But many peoples doesn't know how to buy. Some people asked someone and get wrong perspective or wrong review. That's what happen today. Yes that's right, before buy we need asked someone but you need to find who have experiences. What we need is, who have a lot of experiences using notebook and using differents notebook. Not who have using notebook for a 5 years but using one brand only. Or else you will get wrong review.

What we need to know before buy notebook (before go to shop) ? It's very simple. You need to know several things like:

1. Purpose
2. Spec
3. Budget

It's very important or else you will not sastified with what you get. They have many purpose example, you need a notebook for do your assignment(typing), or play a game, or do some graphic work, or for surfing internet or for playing a games plus assignment. Then state what type of cpu you prefer example AMD or Intel. Don't forget your budget.

So you can go to any shop which sale a notebook cheaper. So find which one you like. Example I need notebook for do my assignment, play a games and surfing everyday. So what I need is a notebook which have high memory for display. Of course RAM also I need more bigger.

So I'm looking for notebook which have 256mb for display or more and RAM more than 1GB. Normal notebook will have 1GB come from manufacture so I need upgrade plus 1GB and extra money around RM70 for each 1GB. Now I have 2GB RAM. I need cpu high performance example Dual Core or Core 2 Duo if I have more budget. Yes people who support AMD will mad why Intel not AMD? I need a good performance for cpu and I choose Core 2 Duo Intel because Intel C2D have 2mb cache or more. If I really need high performance I can buy C2D with 4mb cache or 8mb cache. Sorry to say, AMD only have 1mb cache or 2mb cache (not sure but some people claim AMD have 2mb).

For wireless internet connection, I need really good signal and technology for my wireless connection. I saw 1 brand got "Signal Up" sticker on it. I can't tell what brand but some people know what I mean >>:)

Some notebook very light but some very heavy. If I, I will looking for 2.4kg or not more than 2.7kg, unless your try to built your muscle hehe. Last 2 weeks, I bought 1 notebook which have 1.86GHz Dual Core, 2gb RAM, 160gb HDD, DVD super multi, 1.3MP webcam, 384mb display. Only RM2,079.

Make sure what type of windows you try to install. Some people will install Windows Vista and downgrade to Winxp. Problem will coming coz don't have driver for winxp. Even in website provider. It's many times happen and you decide carefully before buy a notebook.

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