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What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed :

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

HOW TO: install win98 / winme

Let say you try to install WinME using bootable cd & your cdrom drive is D:\>

Follow this step by step:

1. boot your system with cd bootable (Winme) or floppy disk (win98/winme), and select cd-rom support

2. create partition
-> create primary partition and active the partition
-> restart system
-> follow 1st step
-> type format C:

3. at command prompt types this command
-> C: (change to C:\)
-> md winme
-> cd d: (your cdrom drive path)

4. at D:\> goto Win9x folder
-> cd win9x

5. copy all files from D:\> win9x to C:\winme>
-> copy *.* C:\win9x

6. after all files copied, you can start installation
-> C:
-> cd winme

7. at C:\winme> you can install it now
-> setup (example: C:\winme> setup )

8. follow instruction on your screen. at this point, your can remove your cd coz we now install winme source from your hdd

if you want to install win98, follow same step just change winme to win98 and win98 need boot from floppydisk.

tips: do you know what type of keyboard we used ? we used the most common modern keyboard layout called QWERTY. take a look on your keyboard. can you see the QWERTY near tab button? in others country use

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Anonymous said...

xkan xder file yg lebih mudah..contoh cam PDF ke DOC ke??

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