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What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed :

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Friday, June 27, 2008

HOW TO: buy computer casing

Many type, size, color and prize in market now days. Which one you like? So may be this guide can help you out before you buy new casing. Before it, state several info like your budget and purpose after that you can find which one you more like. Follow this guide before buy:

1. Size & weight
- most of computer casing have same size but different weight. Less weight is better so look what material they used.

2. Power supply
- once you buy computer casing it will come with power supply. Make sure the power supply have more than 400watt. Better is 450watt or 500watt. This is because one day you will using more usb port for pendrive, mouse, may be keyboard, printer, webcam, scanner, speaker. 1 usb port supply 5volt from power supply.

3. Fan
- This is optional. Some computer casing including blower fan back side and left side. Some others have in front side. If you think your computer system need more cooler air, you need all of them. But remember more fans, more power use.

4. Light
- Some people need them coz it's look nice. More light inside you computer casing will used more power. Fan & light using 12volt from power supply but you have optional to not connect them with power.

5. USB port & Audio port
- Most of computer casing now have usb port in front panel. But careful some others don't have it. Audio port in front panel is optional. Not all computer support it coz of motherboard. Unless your motherboard support it and you always plug-in headset or audio output from front panel. In that case, I think you better.

6. Floppy rack & Card reader
- Most of computer casing have only 1 FDD rack. If you have plan to use FDD & internal card reader, better you buy computer casing which have double FDD rack. Or buy casing which have card reader already.

7. HDD & CD-ROM rack
- New casing now not use screw for your FDD, HDD and CDROM. It's using clip to make sure all hardware tight in with computer casing. For sure you still can use a screw, it's optional.

8. Optional
- Others is optional, coz some computer casing have temp reader & timer in LCD display.

So make up you mind which one you looking for. All about money, you have a lot of money, you can get all of them.

tips: Everytimes you delete something from you computer, it's will going to recycle bin and you need to empty the bin. That way can help you if you make mistake coz recycle bin can restore file that you delete before. If you want delete a file permanantly, select file which you want to delete to, press shift button (hold) and delete a file. It's make you file will delete without going into recycle bin.

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