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What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed :

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

TrayIcon Problem Fix

I've got a few request regarding this little bug of Windows XP not showing the TrayIcon (LAN icon, Anti-Virus, Winamp Agent, Winrar Agent etc ) despite many programs are indeed running on the background thus driven me to write a little guide as how do we solve this. This problem became a common issue in XP nowdays by the way

These solutions applies to Windows XP Pro SP1, SP2, & SP3 but it may works on Home Edition as well. So lets get started shall we

Solution 1

This step involves modifying some registry value so it must be done correctly as any mistake could be catastrophic. To make things safer, i would suggest to use this small tool to point you to the correct key.

Download Goto.exe and save it at desktop. Run the tool, it will open up a small box, and copy-paste below text into the box.


Registry Editor will open and navigated to above location. Now click on 'Explorer' key, and you will see a string on the right pane with the name 'NoTrayItemsDisplay' . Double-click the string > Modify Binary > and put the value 00 00 00 00. If the string is not there, you have to create it. Right-click on empty space on the right pane, click New > DWord Value > name it NoTrayItemsDisplay. Now close Registry Editor and restart to see the changes

Solution 2

Download this little program called UnPlug n' Pray by Gibson Corps. What it does is it offers you the option to Disable Windows'
Universal Plug n' Play Service. This service is better leaving it disabled as this is also recommended by the FBI. And somehow, doing so will solve the problem with TrayIcon in many cases i've seen. Restart the PC after done using the program.

Note: The FBI's NIPC (National Infrastructure Protection Center) has apparently reversed their original opinion. They no longer assert that Microsoft's Universal Plug & Play services should be disabled for extra protection. The most recent update to their previous two notices — which did advise users to disable the UPnP services — no longer includes this advice.

As you will see below, we believe that the FBI's original security advice was correct. Leaving unneeded and potentially vulnerable Internet services running makes no sense. Doing so is foolhardy, pointless, and insecure. Why would you?

Solution 3

Download this simple file written by me.

After download, run the program and follow the instructions including 'Yes' when it prompt you for a restart. This solved alot of TrayIcon issues but its only meant for XP Pro.

Solution 4

Go to Start > Run > Type Services.msc
Scroll down and search for service SSDP Discovery Service, right-click the service and stop it. Then choose to disable this service.

Do the same for service Universal Plug & Play, Stop the service and set it to Disabled. Restart the PC after done with this step.

Solution 5

Download TweakUI.exe from Systernal.

Run TweakUI, and go to Taskbar & Start Menu. Make sure the option box for 'Show Taskbar & Notification Icons' is tick, and if it already selected, untick the box > Apply > OK > Exit TweakUI.

After that, run TweakUI again, go to that option again but this time tick the box and Apply > Exit. Maybe reboot is needed for the changes to applied.

Good luck folks !!

~ prepared by PirateCrew

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