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What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed

What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed :

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Display problem - laptop

No display suddenly? Got vertical line or horizontal line on the screen? Or your screen blinking? or white screen? How to check? Very simple, please follow this step below.

1. Connect your laptop with normal monitor (CRT or LCD monitor)

2. Switch on your laptop


i) If display show up in monitor without any problem (not your LCD laptop)
- what ever problem it is, white screen, no display but system running, got line in LCD laptop or any else, your laptop might be problem with the LCD. Need change with new one

ii) If display doesn't show up in monitor
- make sure connection between vga port from laptop and vga cable from monitor is correct. If still doesn't change, your laptop might be problem with the chip inside the laptop. Need replace it.

iii) If display show same problem in monitor and in your LCD laptop
- in this case, your laptop might be problem from the chip in side the laptop. Need to replace it with new one and you laptop will be back to the normal.

iv) Others
- if any else, you need to sent your laptop to a shop

If you send your laptop without you as a owner check it first, a technician will check with the same way. Why I said like that?I got this tips from a technician who sleep with laptop and eat with laptop ekekekeke.

If you need buy a new LCD for laptop, the price around RM450 - RM650 and if you need change the chip the price around RM250 - RM350. Remember one thing, the price sometimes go up and sometimes going down.

p/s: sorry i cannot remember the chip name ekekeke

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