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What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed

What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed :

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Something Need To Know Before Buy a New Motherboard

There is a lot of type & brands of motherboard in market. But most of you not really know how to choose what should you know before buy it. This is a simple list of motherboard which almost people buy in market


1. Firstly you need to know which socket you should buy. If you using Intel cpu example Core 2 Duo, you need motherboard 775 socket.

2. If you plan to use memory which more powerful like example 800DDR2 PC6400, make sure you motherboard support for that

3. If you plan want use it for maximum memory, check the motherboard how much memory max it's can support. 2gb, 4gb or 8gb. My advise, 2gb better no need too much

4. Most of motherboard using chipset 7.1 channel audio, just double check before you buy it

5. Some of people using too much usb port, form me 6 port of usb is minimum, 6 usb port at back and 2 extra connection on board for front usb port

6. For gaming system, you need cooler (heatsink) at south bridge. It's doesnt matter if there is no fan out there, you can modify latter.

7. North bridge also same as part no.6

There is basic info you need to know. OK now this is part more difficult, which brand should we choose?? My opinion base on my experience. I have chit chat whit my friends who work as a technical department in computer accessories store some where in KL. There is 3 brand in top position. ASUS, MSI & GIGABYTE. ASROCK is a lower motherboard. INTEL motherboard having problem. How he knows? people who used Intel motherboard will having same problem. System cannot start.

How about ASUS, MSI & GIGABYTE and which one is better?? It's difficult to say but as we know ASUS has good motherboard. More stability and even Intel recommand ASUS. MSI have good configure which have max memory for display (onboard) without using memory as we attach on motherboard. You can get 380mb for display (onboard). GIGABYTE get credit from my friends who work as a technical department and he said he will choose GIGABYTE motherboard if want buy a new system for playing a games.

There is another tips. If you can see in price list, example MSI motherboard the code is MS-7529, G31M3-L. This motherboard have 3 years warranty from factory. How to know?? From the code. Can you see the code have G31 ?? That stand for 3 years warranty from factory.

MS-7529, G31M3-L

1 year warranty from the shop and 3 years warranty form factory. If you claim warranty in 1 years, you will get new motherboard without pay anythings but if after 1 year which you have 3 years warranty from factory, if you claim you need pay RM30 for transportation fee's.

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