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What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed :

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

HOW TO BUY: Speaker

There have a couple of tips you should know before you buy a speaker. Let say you try to find a new speakers. Before you go to any shops, please check your computer first. Check you sound card. What type or brand doesn't matter, what you need to know is, your sound card support 2.1, 5.1 or 7.1 channel.

How to know that? It's simple, open your motherboard manual book. Example This is mine.

As you can see, my sound card support 5.1 channel. If you really want quality of sound, please buy speaker support 5.1 channel. Don't buy 7.1 channel but you can buy less that 5.1 channel. Example mine is 5.1 channel but I use speaker 2.1 channel. No problem at all.

2.1 channel speaker means 1 woofer speaker and 2 satellite speakers. After that check output speaker. Some speaker have more than 1000watt output. What you need to know is about watt. Actually 200watt RMS is better than 2000watt PMPO. This is because 1watt RMS equal to 20watt PMPO. That means 200watt RMS equal to 4000watt PMPO. Imagine that sound will come out hehe. For more quality, make sure woofer made from solid wood.


piezie8 said...

best gak dapat tau nih.. sblm ni tak tau plak nk pilih caner..
nati kalau aku ada masalah aku tanyer ko ek lancer.. peace~!!

LaNceR said...

ok no problem

mrpurple said...

lau beli 5.1 p beli speaker 7.1 ape effect dye?

LaNceR said...

takder apa efek yg -ve
cuma rugi la speaker dah support besar (7.1) tapi sound card pulak 5.1 jer

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